Kiwanis Bulletin / Informer 1-12-2016

Craig Haupt lead the Flag Salute

Dan Fitzgerald gave the Invocation

Roger Sinclair lead the Patriotic Song

Guest: Janet Norcott brought Dianna Mauksch and Jim Barton brought Aaron Bennett

Pat Glattke introduced a new fundraiser for the Kiwanis Family house Bricks. It is fueled by cookies. She passed out cookies and asked everyone that enjoyed to put in $5.00. The bricks will be for Wayne Michaels and Pete Brock. Next we will fund raise for a brick for Don Chismore.

Terry McGrath will deliver a short Memorial Program on February 2nd about Pete Brock. He wants other members to say something about Pete’s life and activities.

DCM: this Saturday in Sonora at 1PM

Craig Haupt has flyers for the crab feed. Sell tickets!! He also is reminding our club about the up coming shrimp feed in Manteca March 19th. We help serve and are well paid.

Margaret Trammell received a thank you letter form The Adopt a Family Program.

Jeremiah Williams had a nice article in the paper about Martin Luther King. He paid for it with money he gave to Jerry Jackman and then took back. It happens so fast Jerry is still not sure who owes what? Then Jeremiah talked about the necessity of everyone having a will. Do it now. His grandmother did not have one and needed a lot of convincing to get one. Finally when he told her “look when you die your spirit goes to heaven, but your body stays here”. Tell us what to do with the part that stays here.  So she finally did. Now he says to everyone get a will and do not wait!

Jim Barton had a colonoscopy and they did it twice. He says “he is no longer full of it”

Ron Freitas was happy to get out of jury duty.

Bill Gordin was happy at a chance to win $800,000.00. Go powerball!

Craig Haupt going to Pismo and will meet kids there.

Carole Thominmg’s mother broke a bone somewhere.

Harold Peterson happy about going to Walking Dead Concert, hope he makes it back alive.

John Hertle says he never gets jury duty because his wife is a defense attorney.

Secret Greeter was John Thoming and almost no one shook his hand. Boy did he make some money for the club.

Nancy Church had her birthday song twice. First, by all the women and second by all the men. She paid $40.00 dollars for both versions. I think the men were better.

Our Program today was John Potter from The Performance Lab, also known as TPL.

This is a state of the art training facility for athletes. It all started when he was 36 years old and had been coaching for 10 years at Modesto high. He weighed 260 lbs. and decided to get in shape, lose 60 lbs. and join the MJC basketball team. He lost weight and made the team. During his first couple of practices he befriended a player and found out he had not eaten in 2 days. So he helped him to get something to eat and get back on his feet. Next at Columbia Junior college while playing basketball the same thing happen, but with a different student. He was starting to see a trend. Young athletes that are hungry and that needed someone to mentor and guide them. He had just sold his business and decided to use some of the funds to open a state of the art training facility that also would have a mentoring program in place to help the athletes that trained there. Brett Butler joined his efforts at the facility and now they have a place that can help all aspects of a young person’s life. John is paying it forward for the mentoring he received himself when he was 19





Kiwanis Crab & Cioppino Dinner

CiopponoNEW               kiwanis image          Crab-Feed_medium

Kiwanis of Modesto Annual Crab & Cioppino Feed

All You Can Eat

Date: Saturday, February 20, 2016
Time: 5:00pm – 8:00 pm

Door open: 4:30 pm (No Host Cocktails)
Location: SOS (Sportsmen of Stanislaus) Club
819 Sunset Avenue

Modesto, CA 95351

The Kiwanis of  Modesto Club (formerly Greater Modesto Kiwanis) is holding its Annual Crab & Cioppino Feed on Saturday, February 20, 2014 at the SOS (Sportsmen of Stanislaus) Club at 819 Sunset Avenue from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Tickets are $45.00 per person and include bread, salad, Cioppino and Crab.

There will also be a silent auction.

All the money raised at this event helps the Kiwanis of  Modesto support local youths, which include High School Graduate Scholarships, Key Clubs at both Downey,  Johansen, Beyer, Modesto and High Schools,, Boy Scouts of America, Kiwanis Youth Camp, Modesto & Greater Modesto Junior Miss Pageant, Children’s Crisis Center, Sierra Vista Children and Family Services, Heifer International and others.

For Tickets Contact Jerry Short at 209-602-9608 or or Ken Williams Sr. at 209-541-9904 or


Kiwanis We Build

Kiwanis We Build

K iwanis we shall be remembered long

I n the hearts of all by our song

W e build to serve and serve to build that he

A mongst us weak shall strive to be

N o longer weak but noble just and strong

I nspired to nobler deeds in life

S ervice first not selfish personal strife


W hat good brother amongst us does not know

E ach kindly act we do or show


B exam him greater power love and strength

U ntil there comes to him at length

I nnumerable blessings in this world below

L ive then to serve build and dower

D oing well all things in life’s fleeting hour

LW Benjamin Newark Ohio