Informer 12-11-2013


Ken Williams presiding

Signup sheet passed around for tonight’s DCM in Atwater

Patriot song –  ROGER SONCLAIR


Invocation – KEN WILLIAMS


Eddie C-D and John Field were late.

No secret greeter today

No reports/announcement:

Kiwanis Christmas Party @ Carole & John Thoming’s home

Have you RSVP’d

Birthday Boy –  SHERM PETERSEN – 39th anniversary of his 39th birthday!

Wanted all the ladies to sign but they declined and so we all volunteered!


Roger missed his grandsons big game because because he went to a

Gallo shindig!

Sad he could not go to not go to the football game because his grandson’s team won the  championship.

Gloria selling big time with money coming left & right, people buying Christmas Presents!

Craig enjoys the weather so much here he’s going to Pismo. Also went to cabin at Tahoe. Just in case something went wrong.

John Field was late because he was at Jury Duty.

Sherm 49ers won, he thinks kicked in $20 for his b-day

John didn’t have any gossip

Bill & Sandi got mugged?  No mugging, they were hit with the flu bug!

Raiders lost sad $

Q.  where do you get your hair cut… of his head (Chantelle)

Bob @ can tree donated 5 prizes for the drawing.  Thinks they made $15000.  Served 197 breakfasts! Sold out.

Vacationed in Boise idaho. Visits friends high was 9, low-4.

Closing gift in Idaho is an elk or moose for the freezer!

Sherm, gossip? Insult from Mark cost him $2

Gloria, 49ers

Rosemary. Had dinner with Eddie & Bill

Paul fumigated his trees. And

haha bad joke…

John Field has to leave early.

Shopping tour, Sandi, Gloria, ken, all helped with 35 kids and dinner at seasons

They want to expand next year. Will need more drivers. They spent $140/ child.

Ken Williams. Didn’t know where to take the kids home, lost his map. Had to backtrack!

Mark pays another $

John Hertle 49er v She-hawksand a phone call with friends from Washington

Eddie, leaving for Hawaii for a month! Sad about the cold weather.

Mike Z happy for the holidays! Baklava on the way.

Roland, talking John the Baptist at bible class, carab and honey vs locust & honey.

Numerous Pin fine$s,

Jerry has crab feed tickets, makes great Christmas gifts…

Bob Featherstone told a Jet Blue Xmas gift story.

Marble game Roger won $5 again, Roger will you need a 1099 from the Club?

John Hertle was here, donated back.

Spiritual Aim: Gloria,

There are many shadows, but remember, where there is a shadow there is always a light!


Kiwanis Crab & Cioppino Dinner

CiopponoNEW               kiwanis image          Crab-Feed_medium

Kiwanis of Greater Modesto Annual Crab & Cioppino Feed

All You Can Eat

Date: Saturday, February 8, 2014
Time: 5:00pm – 8:00 pm

Door open: 4:30 pm
Location: SOS (Sportsmen of Stanislaus) Club
819 Sunset Avenue

Modesto, CA 95351

The Kiwanis of Greater Modesto Club is holding its Annual Crab & Cioppino Feed on Saturday, February 8, 2014 at the SOS (Sportsmen of Stanislaus) Club at 819 Sunset Avenue from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Tickets are $45.00 per person and include bread, salad, Cioppino and Crab.

There will also be a silent auction.

All the money raised at this event helps the Kiwanis of Greater Modesto support local youths, which include High School Graduate Scholarships, Key Clubs at both Downey and Johansen High Schools,, Boy Scouts of America, Kiwanis Youth Camp, Modesto & Greater Modesto Junior Miss Pageant, Children’s Crisis Center, Sierra Vista Children and Family Services, Heifer International and others.

For Tickets Contact Jerry Short at 209-602-9608 or or Ken Williams at 209-541-9904 or

Click here for printable flyer

Kiwanis We Build

Kiwanis We Build

K iwanis we shall be remembered long

I n the hearts of all by our song

W e build to serve and serve to build that he

A mongst us weak shall strive to be

N o longer weak but noble just and strong

I nspired to nobler deeds in life

S ervice first not selfish personal strife


W hat good brother amongst us does not know

E ach kindly act we do or show


B exam him greater power love and strength

U ntil there comes to him at length

I nnumerable blessings in this world below

L ive then to serve build and dower

D oing well all things in life’s fleeting hour

LW Benjamin Newark Ohio

Informer – 12-3-2013



President Ken Williams Presiding @ 12:05 pm

Patriotic Song, Roger Sinclair

Pledge Craig Haupt

Invocation: Jenny (welcome back) Dornan

Guests: Eddie C-Ds oldest grand daughter Shelby.


50 cent fines for not wearing your Kiwanis pin. Numerous offenders!

Fine Free cards were sold. One went missing :-0

John Field has the Kids Shopping Tour with the Key Clubs. 20 kids, key clubber’s, John F, Gloria, ken Williams and Jeremiah Williams will be helping.

DJ Boles


Secret Greeter, John Field was assigned AFTER he shook everyone’s hand.

Late fine, Paul Carroll.

Fine Pot holder, Mike Zeiter


Sherm Petersen wasn’t here!

Roger Sinclair was& paid $20 for all the ladies to sing to him. GOOD choice.

The GOSSIP Reporter was late so he told a joke about digging hole, according to the scriptures!

Happy / Sad $s

Jenny’s son was accepted to Disney University for an 8 month internship!

There was a missing Fine Free card. Ken somehow ended up with it! Can we fine the pres?

Gloria went to San Diego for her grandsons boot camp graduation only to get rained out. Had to be held inside!

Mark Davis won a T-shirt at the Riverbank inter club, it was raffled off by smooth talker Craig to DJ for $20 then donated back to the club for for a door prize at the Crab Feed!

Something about facial hair and DJ who said she needs a wax job if someone thought she had a an issue.

Craig didn’t think a wax job was needed but …… He also had a good time at his nephews party. He helped empty a KEG.

Roger had a happy dollar to see another birthday!

Rolland was happy to get his stitches out of his head.

John F had a hot dog roast ??? Around thanksgiving?

John Hertle, 4 days at Pine Mt lake for thanksgiving with a friends.

He also talked to Sherm (birthday boy) Petersen who wasn’t going to make Kiwanis today because all 6 of his children were in Modesto for his birthday and thanksgiving for the first time in a lot of years!

Paul Carroll had thanksgiving in Coulterville RV park

Jenny Dornan spent 10 days in Israel, Bethlehem, Jericho and other. At times they were 20 yards from the Syrian or Jordan border, went under the city of Jerusalem had a great time but was ready to come home. Her daughter got married on Saturday. It turned out just wonderful! She will do a program for us on her trip.

Jenny also let it slip that she was going to Hawaii this month!!

Ken Williams relayed his woes at the DMV office

Marble Game: Craig Haupt won $5 :-(

Must be present: Nancy church wasn’t here :-(

Spiritual Aim: Jenny “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be NICE”

Scribe/Publisher: John Hertle


Our meet time has changed to WEDNESDAY instead of Tuesday due to a scheduling mishap.

Chicken Spinoccoli

A rolled chicken breast filled with mozzarella, feta, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, garlic and basil with penne in creamy pesto and chunky tomato sauce

D.J., Newest member of Kiwanis of Greater Modesto

President Ken Williams, Sr. presents D.J. her Membership Certificate.

DJ - Newest member of Kiwanis of Greater Modesto

Please join us in congratulating D.J. as our newest member of Kiwanis of Greater Modesto!

Downey High School Key Club

The Downey High School KEY CLUB will be attending the 12-3-2013 meeting of the Kiwanis of Greater Modesto.  Please join us at Uno Chicago Grill, 3250 Dale Road, Modesto for a great meal and to observe our future leaders as they run the meeting.

key club international

Key club

North Modesto Kiwanis Breakfast with Santa Claus

The North Modesto Kiwanis Club will be hosting their annual BREAKFAST WITH SANTA CLAUS on 12-7-2013.  Tickets are available for $5.00.

Kiwanis 2013 Christmas Party

Please see the attached flyer for information about the Kiwanis of Greater Modesto Christmas party host by John and Carole Thoming.

2013 Chrismas Party  (click for pdf party flyer and map)

Farm City week Celebration

Paul Wenger, President of the California Farm Bureau was the guest speaker for the Annual Farm City Week Celebration sponsored by the Kiwanis of Greater Modesto and Modesto Kiwanis.

Paul Wenger - President - California Farm Bureau

John G. Veneman, Jr. Award

WAYNE ZIPSER, Executive Manager of the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau was the 2013 Recipiant of the The John G. Veneman, Jr. Award in recognition of his contributions to Agriculture in Stanislaus County.

Presented by Kiwanis of Greater Modesto and Modesto Kiwanis

Wayne Zipser - Stanislaus County Farm Bureau

John G Veneman, Jr Award

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